In this space I’ll be sharing some of the things that inspire me, some projects that I’m working on and anything interesting about calligraphy that I come across.

But for now, just a few thoughts about why I love it:

It is like an act of meditation – you are required to be fully present and you simply cannot rush it. Let your mind wander and your hand will follow and before you know it, there’s an ink splatter or a misspelled word and you’re having to start all over again.

I get to work on personal projects for clients that have significance for them and will leave them with great memories. Whether it’s place cards for a fun party, writing on wedding invitations, or penning a special poem for framing, it’s a joy to be able to make something beautiful for someone else.

It’s cool again. Calligraphy has an old-world elegance, which I confess I am a sucker for, and always have been. I’m so excited that so many other people share this love for graceful penmanship and that calligraphy is appearing in logo design, graphic design and lots of commercial work, which helps to broaden its appeal.

It’s a lifetime-learning kind of thing. I’m self-taught, but I have taken classes with some very talented calligraphers and will continue to do so. There is always something new to learn, new techniques to try, new styles to play around with. And practice is key – the discipline helps with other areas of my life.

It’s artsy, messy, fun – and another creative outlet. I have always loved writing and language, and calligraphy is another way to explore the emotional connection between words and handwriting.